Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus Capsules

Sudafed blocked nose caps
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Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus Capsules with Phenylephrine hydrochloride, Caffeine and Paracetamol, help relieve the symptoms of pain and congestion caused by sinusitis, which include stuffy nose, blocked sinuses, headache, fever, aches and pains and tiredness
  • Decongestant to relieve blocked nose
  • treats aches and pains, fever and tiredness
  • Suitable for adults and children over 16 years

Phenylephrine hydrochloride which helps to relieve congestion and soothe swelling in your nose and sinuses, making it easier to breathe freely through your nose.

Paracetamol to help bring down your fever to help relieve sinus pressure and pain.

Caffeine, to help combat tiredness while you’re recovering from Sinusitis.

Dosage: For oral use. Swallow whole with water. Do not chew. Two capsules every 4 to 6 hours, as required.

Age: Adults and Children over 16 years

Contains Paracetamol - do not use more than one product containing paracetamol at the same time.
The active ingredients in Sudafed Blocked Nose & Sinus
Capsules are: 500 mg Paracetamol, 25 mg Caffeine and
6.1 mg Phenylephrine hydrochloride per capsule.

Other ingredients are: Maize starch, croscarmellose
sodium, sodium laurilsulfate, magnesium stearate, talc,
gelatin, titanium dioxide (E171), quinoline yellow (E104),
Patent Blue V (E131), erythrosine (E127) and indigo carmine

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