What is Thrush?

Thrush is a genital infection which can affect both men and women. It is more common in women and can be transmitted to men via sexual intercourse. It usually causes a white, creamy curd like vaginal discharge along with irritation, itching, redness and swelling around the vagina. There may also be some soreness or stinging when urinating.

Over-the-counter Thrush treatments

Thrush is caused by a fungus or yeast called Candida albicans. This yeast is usually present in the vagina and is normally kept at balance by other bacteria in the vagina. However, if this balance is upset, such as when taking antibiotics, in pregnancy or due to stress, the yeast levels can increase causing thrush.

It is much less common in men but is usually caught from an affected sexual partner.
There are several available treatments which you can purchase without a prescription. These include creams, pessaries and oral tablets. The tablet usually contains an antifungal called Fluconazole which is a single dose tablet. The creams and pessaries contain an antifungal called Clotrimazole. This is the same as that used in skin infections but the dose for vaginal thrush is usually higher to treat it effectively.
The pessaries and oral tablets will usually require just a single dose to clear thrush, whilst the creams usually need to be applied for 7-10 days. Thrush will usually clear in around the same amount of time. Some people prefer to a pessary or tablet along with the cream as this can help to sooth the symptoms of thrush whilst the tablet or pessary starts to work.

For men, the cream is the usual treatment choice.
Although pregnancy is a common cause of thrush, it is important to speak to your GP or midwife for an accurate diagnosis and to rule out any complications. Usually the cream or pessary is the treatment of choice in pregnancy. Please contact your GP immediately if you think you and thrush and you are pregnant.
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