NHS Pharmacy First and Minor Ailments
Treat all common minor ailments without a GP appointment with the help of your Pharmacist
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No need to take time out of from home or work. We bring the pharmacy to you. 

Fast online video consultations without the need to see your GP or wait in queue at a busy pharmacy. 

Pharmacy First now allows pharmacies to provide treatment for the conditions listed above, including providing antibiotics, as well as providing treatments for every day minor illnessess without the need to see your GP. Our pharmacist will be happy to call you and arrange a video consultation at your convenience, and also arrange to have your medication delivered free of charge*.  

Simply complete our contact us form or call us directly on 0121 522 4057 and our pharmacists will be happy to help you get the right treatment 

*Free delivery and medication is subject to patient eligibility and availibility. 

Run out of regular medication. Pharmacy is also the first place to go to get an urgent prescription. Click on the link below to register and get your repeat medication

NHS Emergency Prescription Service

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Our pharmacist will:

  • Contact you immediately to make sure you are available for a secure video call. 
  • Carry our a secure and discreet video call and assess your symptoms
  • Work through strict NHS guidance to decide the best treatment for your condition
  • Provide the necessary treatment as per NHS guidelines
  • Arrange for you to obtain the treatment as quickly as possible, including delivery if appropriate. 
  • If your symptoms require urgent attention, refer you to the most appropriate service, such as your GP or A&E. 

In addition to the above conditions, the pharmacist can also offer support and provide emergency prescription medication if you have run out of your regular prescription, and can also provide treatment for other minor conditions through locally arranged schemes funded by the NHS. Please click on the appropriate tab above for further details. 

Its quick and easy. Just call us on 0121 522 4057 and speak to our pharmacist or complete the contact us form with details of your query and our pharmacist will call you. 
Pharmacist are well equiped to treat several conditions. They can assess your symptoms and provide treatment without needing to see your GP. 

Previously, if you needed antibiotics, you would have to wait for a GP appointment before obtaining treatment. With Pharmacy First, the pharmacist can now provide antibiotics without a prescription which saves you time, and reduces the strain so the GP is available if you need to be seen for more serious conditions. 

The benefits to the patient are: 

  • No more waiting on hold with the GP to get an appointment
  • Seen immediately on the same day
  • Treatment provided same day without an extra journey
  • Quicker access to treatment
  • Free medicines if you do not have to pay for prescriptions
  • Pharmacist consultations are free, and you get instant access to medication. Unlike private GPs who charge for the same service

With our remote service, you no longer have to leave your home or work and can get a consultation immediately. Our consultations are free, unlike a private GP who would charge for the same service. Simply call our team on 0121 522 4057 and speak to our pharmacist or complete the contact us form with details of your query and our pharmacist will call you. 
By thinking ‘Pharmacy First’, people will find it easier and quicker to get the help they need and bypass the 8am rush to book an appointment with their GP. The new service is part of a wider expansion of healthcare services that will empower pharmacists to use more of their skills and give people more choice about their healthcare. It is also hoped that the service will be expanded to include more conditions in the future, meaning even less visits to the GP for minor conditions. 

Pharmacists can treat most conditions over the counter. This new service enables pharmacists to provide additional treatment, such as antibiotics, without needing a prescription. This can free up GP time which is held up in minor conditions, so patients with more serious needs can access their GP. By thinking Pharmacy First, all patients can benefit from improved access to our vital NHS services. 
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