What are fungal infections?

Fungal infections, sometime also called yeast infections, are a common condition which is caused by yeast or fungus which can be found on our skin, in our sweat, as well as in soil, plants, dirt, household surfaces, damp areas such as gyms and swimming pools. They often lead to distinct rashes and can occur on any part of our body. Symptoms include rashes, irritation, redness, itching, scaly skin, skin weeping, skin peeling and swelling.

Common types of fungal infections include ring work, athlete’s foot, jock itch and thrush.

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What are the causes?

Yeast and fungus are found all around us and can be found on our own skin wherever sweat and dead cells are likely to gather such as skin folds like between toes, the scalp, behind ears, under the breasts, groin etc. They can also be caused by fungus’ that don’t live on our skin through direct contact, either from another person, or from surfaces such as plants, gyms, changing rooms, clothes, etc. These can occur on any part of the body which is exposed to contact.
What treatments are available?

Most common fungal infections can be treated by creams and lotions available over the counter. The most common types are antifungal creams. Some treatments may also contain steroids which can help to reduce the itching and swelling associated with fungal infections.
How can Skin Clinic Help you?

Our pharmacist can help to diagnose your condition and recommend the correct treatment in a face-to-face consultation at our skin clinic. Through the skin clinic you can access prescription strength without the need to see your GP or wait for an appointment. Please use the link above to book an appointment with our pharmacist.

If you prefer to choose your own products, we also have a wide range of treatments available to browse and purchase in our online shop.

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