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We have partnered with the Medication Support Company to provide state-of-the-art on-call medication support in you own home. Our internet-based medicines monitoring and management support service provides face-to-face calls with a team of friendly pharmacy professionals via an easy-to-use device, offering expert support, advice, guidance and information about taking medicines throughout the day. 

Your medication management will be supported by the pharmacy professionals who will call you (or your loved one) via a dedicated device to prompt you to take the medication on time, every time. Our team guarantee to call you upto 8 times a day when it is time for your medication. With the dedicated device, you can interact with your friendly pharmacy professional who can see and monitor what medication you are taking, provide advice and answer any questions at the same time. Your professional will manage everything from ordering your repeat medicines from your GP, checking to make sure you have enough medication, resolve any issues with medicines and contact your GP and pharmacy so you don't have to.  You can rest assured that you, or your loved ones, are taking  the medication correctly, on time, every time with a trusted professionals always at hand to support your well being. 

We aim to to make taking medicines safer. The service is available from 7:00 am every day, including bank holidays and weekends, with up to 8 virtual visits made if required each day for a fixed daily fee. 


Medication can often be confusing for many people, and some will need the help of carers to support them with medicines.  Arranging carers for each medicaiton call can often be costly with fees increasing for each call needed. Some people even choose to move into care homes to manage their health. 

Our service is provided in your home for a fixed fee regardless of the number of calls required. You, or your family member will receive up to 8 calls a day from a dedicated pharmacy professional who will ensure that the medication is taken correctly and safely, each and every time. 

For a fixed fee, your professional will

  • Call you daily with a virtual face-to-face video call and help with your medicines
  • Order your monthly repeat medicines from your GP
  • Provide advice and support at each call
  • Contact your GP and pharmacy on your behalf 
  • Review and organise your medicines to best suit you
  • Monitor your quality of life and well being
  • Keep your own personal medication diary
  • Individually tailor your support to best meet your needs

The service offers peace of mind that a professional is available to look after you or your family member each and every day, including bank holidays. 

This service helps people manage their medicines better and has shown to improve medication adherance to over 97% and reduce avoidable hospital admissions related to poor medicines management. 

Our service is designed to keep people independent and support them to take their own medication safely in their own home.  You and your family can rest assured that a professional is always at hand, taking the worry out of managing your health. 

Call us on 01215224057 for further information or complete our contact us page with your details for our pharmacist to contact you. 

The service starts from £11.74 per day which includes up to 8 virtual visits in a day. The minimum service provision is one month.

There is no charge for the device as this is included in the monthly price.  
The Medication Support Company team is made up of qualified pharmacy professionals. Each time you have a call you will speak to the same pharmacy professional so they can get to know you and vice-versa. By having the same person call you each day, you will get to know the person who is supporting you and can trust they have your best interests in mind.  As they are pharmacy professionals, they can provide the same advice you would get from our pharmacy at each call.

Your medication will be delivered by our pharmacy team so if you have any specific questions about your medication you can also contact the pharmacy for any support when needed. Help is never far from hand with this service. 
You can contact us and speak to our pharmacist for any questions regarding the service proviced. We work in close partnership with the Medication Support Company and our pharmacist is here to ensure you get the best service. 

If you prefer, you can also call the  Medication Support Company on on 0161 9747190 who will be more than happy to provide you with any further details you require about the service. 
This service is designed for people who live alone or require additional support with medication. It provides reassurance that your medication is always monitored and taken correctly, especially if you are taking lots of medication, or have frequent changes which can be confusing. 

This does not replace any other calls you may require for personal care and day-to-day tasks, but can reduce the number of calls required for medication, which may make arranging care more affordable. 
Many clients who have used the Medication Support at Home services have been able to keep their loved ones at home, independent and reassured, for a number of years.

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