Morning After Pill

If you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, or your usual contraception fails, Emergency Contraceptive pills (commonly known as the morning after pill) can prevent an unplanned pregnancy. There are two common types of morning-after-pills, EllaONe (Ullipristal) and Levonelle (Levonorgestrel). Both of these are upto 95% effective in preventing pregnancy.

An alternative option is to visit your GP or GUM clinic to have a copper Intrauterine device fitted (IUD). This is the most effective options and is more than 99% effective.
How can we help?

Pharmassured can offer both EllaONe or Levonelle, subject to a suitability assessment by our pharmacist, for either same day collection (at our site in West Bromwich) or to purchase online (for future use only).

Same day – collection only


Online purchase – for future use only

  • Same day – collection from West Bromwich (Mon-Friday between 8 am and 5pm)

    If you’ve had unprotected sexual intercourse and require emergency contraception the same day, please book an appointment using the link below and our pharmacist will be in touch to arrange your collection.

  • Online – for future use only.

    It can sometimes be more convenient to purchase Emergency Contraception in advance. If it would be difficult to visit a pharmacy or a clinic immediately after unprotected sex, such as when going on holiday or if you are worried about your usual contraceptive failing, you can purchase the morning-after-pill online. Our pharmacist will carry out an assessment before delivering your medication to you. The pharmacist may need to contact you if they have any questions before delivery.
The two available morning after pills are EllaOne, which contains Ullipristal, and Levonelle, which contains Levonorgestrel.  Both of these are hormonal treatments which work by modifying ovulation, or making if difficult for the sperm to be fertilized by an egg in the womb, or for the egg to attach to the lining of the womb, preventing pregnancy.

The morning-after-pill is for emergency use only, and should not be relied upon for regular contraception. If you find that you need the morning-after-pill regularly, it may be better to consider our range of regular contraception as a more suitable method.
Both Levonelle and EllaOne are around 95% effective in preventing pregnancy but they are most effective the sooner they are taken following unprotected sexual intercourse, ideally within the first 12 hours.

Levonelle can be taken up to 72 hours (3 days) following unprotected sex.

EllaOne can be taken upto 120 hours (5 days) following unprotected sex.
Some side-effects are common with all medication and you may experience some when taking the morning after pill. The most common side-effects are changes in your next period, which can be lighter or heavier then usual, have some spotting or irregular bleeding before your period, or cause your period to be delayed by a few days.

Other side effects include

• Nausea and vomiting
• Abdominal pain
• Breast tenderness
• Headaches or dizziness.

Although vomiting is not common, if you vomit within the first 3 hours of taking the pill, you may need to take another one as it may not be effective.

Side-effects are usually mild and short lived which should resolve by your next period. If side-effects are prolonged for more than a few weeks, or feel more serious, such as severe abdominal pain, you will need to see your GP for immediate advice.
There is no limit to how often the morning after pill can be taken, although you may experience more side-effects if it is taken more then once in any menstrual cycle.

It is only effective for each episode of unprotected sex so you would need a new pill every time. if you are worried you may need to take it more often, it may be better to consider regular contraception as a more suitable method.
You should still have your period as normal following the morning-after-pill. Your period may change which is one of the side-effects so we recommend doing a pregnancy test if

• Your period is delayed by more than 7 days
• Your period is very light
• You are worried you are pregnant
The copper IUD is a device which is inserted into the vagina which is the most effective treatment to prevent unplanned pregnancy. It needs to be fitted within 5 days of unprotected intercourse by a GP or nurse and is thought to be over 99% effective. This is a surgical procedure so sometimes it can be difficult to obtain compared to the tablets. if you are worried you cannot get this fitted in time, or your appointment might be delayed, you can still use the morning-after-pill as a precaution in the mean-time.
Please use the links above to select your preferred option, or contact us for more information.
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