Allergy Testing
Are you suffering from an allergy and finding it hard to treat. Our allergy testing service uses test kits which use sophisticated technology to test for over 294 common allergens. This service will help you identify if you are suffering from an allergy to these substances, help you mange your allergies, get the right treatment and improve your quality of life.

We offer two ways of accessing this service. you can order a simple easy to use test which you can do at home and post to our partner laboratory, or can book an appointment to have the test done at our site for a small fee. Click on your preferred option below to access the service.

Test on site (coming soon)


Test at home

An allergy is an overreaction by your body to anything which would normally be harmless. An allergy is when your body decides to fight back against these by releasing IgE which is part of your immune system.

This is what causes symptoms we commonly associate with allergies such as itching, rashes, redness, swelling, runny noses, watery eyes, sneezing, etc. For some people the reactions can even lead to anaphylaxis which is life-threatening and needs urgent treatment.
Allergies are extremely common, yet very difficult to treat. Allergies effect peoples quality of life on a daily basis. Identifying what you are allergic to can help you manage your allergies and improve your quality of life, as well as get the right treatment.
Allergens can be anything from pollen, dust, insects, animal hair, foods, drugs etc amongst other things.

The test kit will test for:

• Pollen 59
• Pets 25
• Mites 19
• Insect stings 10
• Moulds & yeasts 13
• Foods 154
• Other allergens 14
We can help you identify if you are allergic to up to 294 different allergens. Our pharmacist will carry out the test for you at our site, along with provide advice on managing allergies. They can also discuss the range of treatments which are available to you and help you find the best treatment for you.

The pharmacist will use the test kit which is a single test for all 294 different allergens. We will send your sample to our partner laboratory which uses ALEX 2 technology to give you a comprehensive and reliable result in as little as 2 weeks. You’ll be notified when your results are ready and can view a full detailed breakdown online.
When your body first sees a substance it can become sensitised to it. You can be sensitive to many things without realising and this won’t affect you at all. Sensitisation doesn’t mean you are allergic to something as your body doesn’t overreact.  But if your body decides to fight the sensitivity, then this turns into an allergy.

An allergy is when your body fights back by releasing IgE causing an immune response.

The test uses ALEX2 technology specifically tests for allergens which cause this IgE responses leading to an allergic reaction.
Food intolerance is your bodies inability to digest food and is different to an IgE mediated allergy. The kit cannot test for intolerances as these do not lead to IgE mediated immune responses. However, if you have a food allergy, this will cause an IgE response and will be shown in this test.

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