NHS Pharmacy Contraception Service
Available for free on the NHS subject to eligibility (see below)
NHS contraception service
The NHS has launched the Pharmacy Contraception Service to improve access to contraception for women as an alternative to waiting for a GP Consultation. 

NHS Pharmacy Contraception Service is available to all women of childbearing age without the need to visit the GP. The pharmacy can start and supply a new contraception prescription, and also issue repeat any allready ongoing contraception. Patients can avoid waiting for a GP appointment and contact the pharmacy directly. GP surgeries are also able to refer patients to a pharmacy that provides this service when appointments are unavailable. 

As contraception is available free on the NHS, there is no charge for this service. The pharmacist will carry out the consultation in private with the patient, have a discussion about the patients needs and suitability for contraception, carry out necessary "Pill" checks and supply the contraception in line with the process agreed with the NHS. The pharmacist is also best placed to offer advice regarding current and ongoing contraception answer any questions regarding concerns such as side-effects and usage.

Details of the contraception can be shared with the GP to keep medical records up to date. 
Pharmassured are able to offer private consultations to all eligible woment both to advise and commence new contraception, and also for a continuation supply of any current contraception. 

We offer both face-to-face and remote consultations at a time convenient for the patient.  Our consultation facility offers a private and comfortable environment and free off-road parking with flexible appointments to suit your needs. As all visits to our pharacy are by appointment only, we can ensure privacy and confidentiality and guarantee our pharmacist is able to provide 100% of their time to give you the best service.

We can carry out most requests for repeat supplies remotely without the need for a GP appointment and patients only need to visit the pharmacy if any measurements of Blood Pressure or BMI are required. We also offer free delivery to your door for all requests. 

We can also take referrals from GP practicies when appointments are unavailable. 
Initiation of contraception requires a consultation to discuss your relevant current and previous medical history, and any relevant risk factors to determine suitability for contraception. The pharmacist can provide advice and support regarding different methods available so the patient can make an informed decision about which method is best for them. 

We are also able to supply contraception for upto 3 months when starting new contraception. Measurements of blood pressure and BMI are required before commencing new contraception so this would require a visit to see the pharmacist for a private consultation. 
If you are already using a current form of contraception such as the Combined Oral Contraceptive pil or the Progesterone-Only Pil, we can issue your repeat supply so you don't have to wait for a GP appointment. 

This usually involves a consultation with the pharmacist which can be done remotely at a time that is convenient. Some patients may require a "Pill check" to continue supply. This usually involves a blood pressure and BMI check. If a "Pill check" is required or requested by your surgery, you may need to visit for a short consultation at the pharmacy. 

Repeat supplies can be up to a maximum of 12 months. If a "Pill Check" is not needed then consultations can be done remotely and supplies delivered direct to your door. 
Available to eligible patients with a GP in the West Midlands only. For further information or to book an appointment, please contact us online or call us on 0121 522 4057 and speak to our pharmacist

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